Nowakowski Painting Services is a full service painting contractor company serving Connecticut & Rhode Island. We take a lot of pride in our work and your home. We are neat, clean and respectable on the job and strive to provide you with a completed job on time and on budget. Below is just a little bit of what we do to make sure we provide you with the best finished job possible.

Prepping Your Walls For Painting

Painting a room requires more thought than just picking a color and applying. Make sure to  prep the walls so that the job looks clean when complete and will not need to be resanded and redone.

It’s exciting when you hire a painting contractor ct to repaint a room because a fresh paint job can completely change how the room looks. Before you get too excited in diving into your project make sure your contractor is prepping the walls properly. Without proper prepping, the finished paint job will appear unclean and unprofessional, and the paint will show all the imperfections. Preparing your walls shouldn’t be difficult but it needs to be done right.

Repairing Damages

Although it might seem quicker to ignore flaws in the wall and cover them up with a coat of paint, this will not fix the problem. Hiding damages by painting over them is not worth your effort because the end result will still look like a room that needs some fixing up. Make sure that if there is damage in the room you are going to paint, the damage is fixed and prepped properly.


The walls or surfaces will need to be well cleaned before they are painted. They may look to be relatively clean but most dirt is not noticeable to the naked eyes. Wipe down the walls thoroughly until they are as dust free as possible. Do not begin painting until they are completely dry because the paint will not adhere properly to the wall. Be patient!

Protecting Trim

All trim bordering the walls must be taped up using painter’s tape to avoid accidentals.. This also goes for electrical sockets, light switches, shelving units, and anything else on the walls that you do not intend to paint. However, it is best to remove everything you can from the wall rather than taping over it. 

Connecticut Painting Company & Rhode Island Painting Company

Painting is clearly a very big job that requires a lot more time, effort and patience than you may have. Your best bet is to hire a professional painting contractor ct. We will handle all of the prep work for you. We are reputable company that will be sure to do a job that is perfect, professional, and clean. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation or fill a form on our website.


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