Whether you are buying a new home for sale or updating your current home, choosing the colors should never be a stressful process. Read our tips to learn more.

Paint from Dark to Light – Floor to Ceiling

This one that is very natural to us and can easily be translated into your home. For example, if you are using blue as the featured color, imagine beautiful wood floors with a dark blue patterned area rug, baseboards in Blue, window details in Winter Lake, walls in Smoke, and ceiling in white. When you are in this process try to picture the whole project all in one.

Paint Your Mood in Your Home!

Where is your happy place? What makes you tired? A dining room for eating, a bedroom for sleeping, and so forth. Tap into these moods when considering the colors for your home.

Colors That Incite Hunger

It has been researched that the best colors to promote hunger are passionate, warm colors. When selecting colors for your dining room, you can’t go wrong with shades of red, yellow, and orange.

Colors that Promote Sleep

In the bedroom, sleep could be the main focus of your design or maybe its passion. Colors that relax and calm are best, such as blues and greens while passion are red, yellow and orange.

Get Inspired From Art and Patterns You Love

When you are stumped on which colors to choose for your home, an easy idea is often to start with artwork or textiles that you love. Hang a piece of artwork in your new room and think about the colors surrounding it. Bring the colors from the art to lie in your room.

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