The Benefits of Primer

If y9ou are planning to repaint your home or office don’t forget to take the crucial step of laying a coat of primer! In case you didn’t know primer is the coating that goes on before you put down a layer of paint, it’s typically white. We know it seems like an extra step but primer has a lot of added benefits for making sure the color of your paint lasts long. Here’s why it is so important. 

Better Adhesion

How well the paint sticks to the surface is referred to as adhesion. How well the paint sticks to the surface can depend upon what surface the paint is being applied to and survives for years into the future without peeling.  Your final paint layers are less likely to cure improperly and peel overtime when primer is applied. Do a little research on primers before buying one because there are different types of primers that give various desired outcomes. 

Painting Over Dark Colors

Ever try painting over a dark red with white paint? No matter how many layers you apply you can still see that tint of red. By applying a layer of primer it will hide the darker color more effectively, especially when switching to a lighter color. In these situations, primer is essential to get that color you desire.  

Better Paint Durability

Primer can also help seal compromised surfaces and prevent moisture from causing damage beneath the paint, adding to the life of the new paint layer.We recommend always using primer for interior and exterior painting jobs in Connecticut and Rhode Island because of the high level of moisture in the air during the summer months.

Better Appearance

Primer will also help hide seams, drywall tape, wood knots and sometimes even cracks especially when using lighter paints. 

Primer is Not Always Required

You may not need to use primer when applying a dark color paint over a light colored paint. Also some paints now come with a primer already in it which you would obviously not need to add the extra coat. 

Of course anytime you are researching and have questions about paint give Nowakowski Painting Services a call. We understand any DYI yourself project takes alot of time and expertise to get done properly so we are here for you when you need us.

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Painting is clearly a very big job that requires a lot more time, effort and patience than you may have. Your best bet is to hire a professional painting contractor ct. We will handle all of the prep work for you. We are reputable company that will be sure to do a job that is perfect, professional, and clean. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation or fill a form on our website.

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