Your home’s curb appeal isn’t looking so good lately, and Nowakowski’s Painting Services knows why. Is your paint chipping?Maybe the New England Sun is starting to wear on the color and it’s fading. No matter the situation it’s time to call the professionals at Nowakowski Painting Services! We know what it takes to get the job done on time and on budget. We also know that the prep work is the most important work.

Preparation Matters

Painting is not an easy process and the prep work is the toughest but if not done right when you get close enough you will see all the bumps and mishaps. That’s why we pay special attention to filling in nail holes, scraping away the old paint, and checking for any decaying or cracked wood. If your prep work is not done properly it will lead to problems down the road and dissatisfaction.

Water Damage

If water is leaking entering your home thru windows, doors or even your roof you may have discoloration in your ceiling or around your windows. Check for discoloration, peeling, or blistering paint. Some people just try painting over the discoloration. However, you are just temporarily covering the problem. You are not solving the problem and this can lead to a lot of problems down the road including mold and eventually having to call a mold removal company down the road.  All repair work should be done before we can apply the primer and apply the color to your home! Mold removal and mildew is never enough – we need to make sure that these problems don’t come back!

Sanding and Powerwashing

In order to get all of that old paint off of your home, we need to sand the siding. Our house painting professionals are ready and able to sand away the paint that is chipping and make your siding smooth and ready to paint or powerwash. Taking this big step of sanding is going to make a huge difference on how the final product looks because remember, “The prep work is the most important work”!

Power Washing is also a good idea to get rid of algae and chalk deposits. If the siding is not prepared properly you will get a bumpy sandy look on what should be your freshly painted beautiful home. 

Painting Contractor CT & Painting Contractor RI

Painting is clearly a very big job that requires a lot more time, effort and patience than you may have. Your best bet is to hire a professional painting contractor ct. We will handle all of the prep work for you. We are reputable company that will be sure to do a job that is perfect, professional, and clean. Call us today to schedule a free no obligation in home consultation or fill a form on our website.

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